"Sleepover Sisters"
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Nancy's trailer, interior

(Episode title appears on the curtains; Nancy parts them. It is raining.)

Nancy: All right, Nancy, everything's ready. Tonight is your night with the kids. Mom Night! I'm a mom, you can do this. A nice, normal night, as a normal mom.

(The Kludge's horn is heard.)

Nancy: Coming! (leaves; comes right back) Don't mess this up.


(Nancy comes out with an umbrella; the Kludge is here.)

Nancy: Hi, Bill.

Bill: Hey, Nancy.

Cricket: (jumping out) Mom! (hits the ground)

Tilly: (running past) Hi, Mama!

Nancy: Hey-y-y-y! (they hug her) My two favorite people, Ticket and Crilly.

Cricket: That's not our names!

Tilly: You did that on purpose.

Nancy: You guys ready for Mom Night?!?

Cricket, Tilly: YEAH!

Nancy: Hey, thanks again, Bill. Any big plans for your night off?

Bill: Yup. I'm gonna eat an entire myself.


Bill: Well, buh-bye! (drives away)

Tilly: Good for him.


(Nancy opens the door and lets Cricket and Tilly enter with their eyes covered.)

Cricket: Can we open our eyes yet?

Nancy: Not yet, not yet. (walks offscreen)

Cricket: Now?

Nancy: (offscreen) Almost ready.

Cricket: Ugh...hurry Mom! I can't hold on much longer!

Nancy: (offscreen) 'em!

(They lower their hands and gasp; Nancy has decorated the trailer for a party.)

Nancy: MOM NIGHT! (shows each feature as she describes it) We got the snackiest of snack foods, a giant stack of DVDs, and a huge pile of lumpy pillows!

Tilly: (gasps, holds up a sleeping bag with her name on it) You personalized our sleeping bags!

Cricket: (wearing his; tearing up) Thethe pittha rollth are really hot...!!

Nancy: So, what do you think

(They sit by her.)

Cricket: Grrreat, Mom!

Tilly: Truly spectacular.

Nancy: Glad to hear it. (picks up the remote) Now, let's get Mom Night started!

(The trailer shakes.)

Cricket, Tilly, Nancy: Whoa...

Cricket: Oh, no! The worm people revolution has begun! Quick, hide the pizza rolls!!

Nancy: (chuckles, walks to the door) Calm down, bud. It's probably just... (looks out the window and gasps) Oh, no.


(Outside, four bikers drive motorcycles around each other; Nancy comes out to the source of this.)

Cricket: Whoa, who are these guys?

Nancy: My old biker gang...

(Zoom to the emblem on one of their jackets: "The Stingers - Ride or Die!")

Nancy: The Stingers.

(The leader drives forward; she wears a cape instead of a jacket like the others.)

Leader: Nancy Green! It's been a long time.

Nancy: Not long enough. Looks like everyone's here...

(The leader removes her helmet; she is dark yellow with a purple pixie cut and eyepatch, and has bandages from her palms to her elbows.)

Nancy: (offscreen) Skids...

(Shows a purple female biker with a sweatband and picking her teeth.)

Nancy: (offscreen) ...Leadfoot...

(A lemon yellow male biker with slitted shades and a stitched up head.)

Nancy: (offscreen) ...Lord Chrome...

Lord Chrome: Raaaaaarrrr!!!

(A blue male biker with a mohawk and spiked shoulder pads.)

Nancy: (offscreen) ...and Dan.

Dan: (waves) Oh, hey, Nancy! How's it going?

Skids: (punches him) SHUT UP, DAN! (to Nancy) Nancy Green, we got beef.

Nancy: What do you want, Skids?

Skids: We heard you were outta jail, planted routes in Big City. So, we're here to settle the score.

Nancy: I'm done with all that. Now, why don't you get up? You're intrudin' on a night with my kids!

Skids: (mockingly) Sure, we'll leave! But we're takin' that with us.

Nancy: Huh?

(Dan has hooked up to the trailer.)

Dan: Sorry, Nancy! (drives away with the trailer in tow)

Nancy: WHAT?! NO!! (Skids holds her tight.)

Tilly: Hey!

Cricket: Let go of our mom!

(Lord Chrome and Leadfoot step before them.)

Cricket, Tilly: Ack!

Lord Chrome: Mmm-hmm...

Leadfoot: Ha ha ha!

Nancy: No! Dang it, Dan! Get back here!

(She tries to give chase but it's too far away.)

Skids: Sorry, Nancy, you know the rules: you mess with the Stingers...YOU GET STUNG!

(She drives away, laughing and splattering Nancy with mud; Leadfoot and Lord Chrome follow.)

Cricket: NOOOO! Mom's home! (drops to his knees) Fate has abandoned us...

Nancy: Crabnabbit! Tonight was supposed to be perfect! Well, I'm not givin' up on Mom Night that easily. (drives out on her motorcycle) Time to get that trailer back.

(She gets her helmet on, revs up and zooms off, leaving Cricket and Tilly behind. She slowly backs up to them.)

Nancy: kids.

Cricket: Guess we gotta come with you, huh?

Nancy: I don't know.

Tilly: Or we'll stay the rain and cold!

Cricket: Achoo!

Nancy: All right, enough of that. Hop in!

Cricket, Tilly: All right!/Yee-haw!

(They get in the side seat.)

Nancy: Now, let's go get our Mom Night back.

(She starts driving.)

Cricket, Tilly: Yeah-heh!/Whee!


(A deprecit part of town.)

Tilly: So spill it, mama. How'd you acquire such a nasty slice of beef?

Nancy: (sighs) It was a long time ago...

(Flashback to a younger Nancy riding her bike.)

Nancy (VO): I was one of the Stingers' best racers.

(She crosses the finish and the Stingers cheer her.)

Nancy (VO): We were Big City's most feared and respected biker gang.

(She throws her Stingers jacket in the trash.)

Nancy (VO): But eventually, I decided to give it all up...

(She goes home to the younger Green Family in the country.)

Nancy (VO): So that I could settle down and start a little gang of my own.

(Skids finds Nancy's tossed jacket and tears it furiously.)

Nancy (VO): Unfortunately, the Stingers took that as an act of betrayal and vowed revenge.

(Flashback ends.)

Nancy: My past has come back to haunt me.

Abandoned Splish factory, exterior

(They stop outside...)

Nancy: Ah, the old Splish factory. (sees their bikes) I knew they'd be here.

(They traverse the rooftops.)

Nancy: Hmm... (looks in through the glass top) Gotta do this fast. I can't waste another second of Mom Night.

Cricket: Don't worry, Mom, we'll help!

Tilly: Yeah!

Nancy: All right, here's what we're gonna do...

Factory room

(Skids and Lord Chrome are arm wrestling; Skids wins.)

Skids: HA! Hey Dan, find anything valuable in there?

Dan: Eh, just a couple of precious family photos. A-also these pizza rolls. Ooh, still hot, too. (a bottle cap hits him) D'oh!

Lord Chrome: Huh?

Skids, Leadfoot: Dan?

Skids: (Examines it) A bottle cap?

Cricket (OS): Drink up, suckers!

(Shows him manning a cannon on the upper level; he fires lots of them and laughs manically, scaring them.)

Cricket: Mom, coast is clear!

Nancy: (swings down on a hose) GREENS FOREVERRRRRR!

(Her foot hits a button which opens the garage door; Tilly is on her bike.)


(Shows she's only driving it slowly.)

Nancy: Uh...second gear, sweetie.

Tilly: Am I doin' good, Mama?

Nancy: Real good, hon -- (Tilly closes her eyes) But keep your eyes open.

Tilly: (opens her eyes) Yes, ma'am.

Skids: No! They're getting away! (more bottlecaps shoot at her) Grr...

(The cannon runs out.)

Cricket: Uh-oh. Gotta go!

(Nancy hooks the trailer up to her bike.)

Nancy: Cricket! We're ready!

Cricket: All right! (jumps off) Yah!

(He jumps onto the trailer and slides down into the bike's side car.)

Cricket: Let's get outta here!

Nancy: Whoo-hoo -- (feels something) Oof!

(The trailer is being picked up by a crane claw.)

Cricket: Whoa!

Skids: (manning the crane) Did you really think I'd let you get away?

(She puts it down.)

Nancy: Huh?

Cricket, Tilly: (Lord Chrome takes them) Whoa!

Nancy: Kids! (Dan takes her) Whoa!

(The kids struggle to get out of the Stingers' grasps but can't.)

Nancy: Keep your grimy hands off of them!!

Dan: Oh, hey Nancy? I still have your crock pot. If you want it back, just let me know.

Nancy: Shut it, Dan! (to Leadfoot and Lord Chrome) I said, LEAVE THEM ALONE!

(Skids comes out the crane.)

Skids: Nancy, Nancy, Nancy... (picks up a sledgehammer) Don't you get it? This trailer is the price you pay for leaving us. It's mine now. MINE! And, I can do what I want to it. I can smash it apart if I wanted to. In fact, I think I will!

Nancy: SKIDS, WAIT!!!

(With a growl, Skids punctures a hole in the trailer. The kids look on in horror as she continues to smash it.)

Nancy: STOP!!

Skids: You betrayed us!! YOU BETRAYED ME!!!


(Skids stops and takes a glance at Nancy.)

Skids: I'm listening...

Nancy: A race. Double or nothing. If I win, my debt is forgiven and I get my trailer back. If you win, you get to keep the trailer and my--

Skids: Look, Nancy, I don't want your kids.

Nancy: What? No. My bike! I meant my bike! Well?

Cricket: Mom, no! You can't get rid of your bike! It's one of a kind!

Tilly: I've felt its power! It must remain in the bloodline!

Skids: All red, huh? Can't pass on a price that good. Nancy Green, you got yourself a deal.

Abandoned tunnel, underneath a bridge

(Nancy and the Stingers are now under a bridge.)

Nancy: Alright Nancy, don't mess this up. You gotta get Mom Night back on track. ...For the kids.

(Skids pulls up.)

Skids: Let's say goodbye to that bike. 'Cause this is the last time you'll see it.

Cricket (OS): Oh yeah?

(Reveal Cricket and Tilly on the sidecar.)

Cricket: Well, the last thing you'll see is... my... butt. ...When we... pass you. ...On the way to the finish... place.

Nancy: We need to work on your trash talk, kiddo.

Leadfoot: ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP! The rules are simple, because there aren't any. Nothing's out of bounds, and nothing's off-limits! FIRST ONE TO PASS THROUGH THE FROG'S MOUTH... WINS!

Lord Chrome: Three...

(Nancy and Skids rev.)

Leadfoot: Two...

(Skids chuckles evilly, then takes off, leaving Nancy behind.)

Nancy: Wh... Hey!

(Nancy takes off, trailing Skids, passing the Stingers.)

Dan: I didn't get to say one...

Big City outskirts, various

(The race is on! Nancy manuevers through a tunnel, but her bike teeters to her left, allowing Skids to overtake her. Nancy regains her footing and speeds up.)

Skids: How's that car slowing you down? This'll be easier than I thought!

Tilly: Mama, she's fast!

Nancy: True! But I'm faster.

(Nancy overtakes Skids.)

Cricket: Great work, Mom!

Tilly: (points in front of her) Uh-oh!

(Show a toppled container for "Uh-Oh Shipping" has spilled its contents into the tunnel Nancy's in. Nancy focuses, and makes the appropiate manuever; she goes to its side. The kids cheer. Skids goes underneath the container.)

(The two are now close to each other. Nancy turns right, blocking Skids. Whenever Skids makes a turn, Nancy counters. The bike goes through a mud puddle, causing it to teeter to its side again.)

Nancy: Whoa...!! Hold on, kids!

(Skids is now nearby, and turns to Nancy...)

Skids: Time for you to go home. Oh, that's right... (pulls up a foot) I HAVE YOUR HOME!

(She kicks the sidecar, causing Nancy to crash into some garbage. Skids cackles as she rides on.)

Nancy's crash

(Cricket pushes a bag of garbage off him.)

Cricket: That was a dirty trick! You okay, Tilly?

Tilly: Yes. Good thing I was wearin' a helmet. (A scissor is stuck to her helmet)

Cricket: Mmm-hmm. How about you, Mom?

(Nancy is down.)

Tilly: OH NO SHE'S DEAD!!!


Nancy: Calm down, I ain't dead. I just... can't believe I let Skids get the best of me. That never used to happen. Can't race, can't cut it as a mom... who am I anymore?

(The kids go up to her.)

Cricket: "Who are you"? (struggles to pull her up) You're... a little heavier than I anticipated... You're Nancy Green! Look, I know you've got a lot of complex adult thoughts going on, and those are valid. BUT EVERYTHING'S ON THE LINE!! The trailer, your bike, and our Mom Night!! So you can't quit now. Right, Tilly?

Tilly: (holding up the scissor, traumatized) CRICKET, THESE WERE IN MY HEAD!!!!!

Cricket: Well said, Tilly. (to Nancy) Listen, you've got this. Mom doesn't lose on Mom Night! Also, sorry for yelling at your face.

Nancy: Heh. I think I can let it slide. Now, whaddya say we finish this race?!

Cricket: Yeah!

Tilly: That's the spirit, Mama! But... how are we gonna catch up to Skids?

Nancy: Hmm... (A train passes by above her.) We take the train.

(She puts on her helmet, and moments later she and the kids are riding the train. They're back on track! She sees Skids about to take the win, but Nancy re-enters the race. Skids growls.)

Skids: Are you kidding me?

(She revs off)

Tilly: We closed the gap!

Cricket: And look! It's the frog's mouth!

Nancy: All we gotta do is to make it to the other side of the tunnel first, and we win!

(Nancy is barely catching up to Skids, but at the time they enter the frog's mouth, Skids has gained a huge lead.)

Inside the "Frog's mouth"

(Skids is still in the lead. Nancy rides, scraping the sidecar.)

Cricket: Aah! The sidecar's too big! We won't be able to pass!

Tilly: What are you gonna do?

Nancy: What any mom would do in this situation... (puts her foot on the sidecar...) Put... her kids... (...and kicks the sidecar off!) First!

(Cricket and Tilly is able to overtake Skids!)

Skids: NO!!!

The other side of the tunnel

(Cricket and Tilly win!)

Leadfoot: Winner!

(Cricket and Tilly turn, stopping the sidecar. Lord Chrome is angered (?), while Dan is adored.)

Skids: Ugh... That doesn't... I don't... THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!

(Pan left to see Nancy is standing beside her.)

Nancy: Now, now, Skids. A deal's a deal. (Cricket and Tilly rise from both sides of the bike. Nancy pulls out a hand...) So, we square?

Skids: (growls)

Leadfoot: Aw, come on, Skids. I haven't seen racing like that in a while.

(Lord Chrome gives sounds of approval.)

Dan: Yeah, they deserve it!

Skids: (giving in) Yeah, why not. I'd expect nothing less from Nancy Green. And her kids. So consider the Stingers, (shakes Nancy's hand) off your back.

Nancy's trailer home, exterior

(Dan releases the towing latch.)

Dan: Bye, Nancy! Your family is awesome!

(Nancy turns to her kids.)

Nancy: You ready to get Mom Night back on track?

Nancy's trailer home, interior

Nancy: Alright! Let's...

(She and the kids gasp: the interior's in shambles.)

Nancy: Dragged around town, lifted by a crane... 'course this place is a mess! Oh... sorry, kids. Mom Night's a bust...

Cricket: Are you kidding me?! Tonight was a blast!

Tilly: Yeah! What makes Mom Night fun is spendin' time with you!

Nancy: Wha? You really mean it? Come here, you two! (They hug) Gladja had fun. Though next time will probably just be a quiet night in.

Tilly: Whatever it is, we'll be there.

Cricket: Oh, look, there's one pizza roll left! (Eats it, but spits it out) BAH! HOW ARE THEY STILL HOT??!

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