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Country road

(Episode opens on a starry night. We pan down to a dirt road, which Nancy rides on; this is a hill leading to a massive factory.)

Mass Dairy Factory Farms

(Nancy arrives at the factory. Sign: "NO TRESSPASSING! Says Bessie")

Nancy: "No trespassing," huh? (takes off her helmet) Well Nancy Green ain't tresspassing, she's liberatin'.

(Nancy picks the lock with a bobby pin. It unlatches.)

Factory, inside

(We see a row of saddened cows, and a security camera above them. Camera POV: This camera is watching this row of cows. Suddenly, static: Nancy has taken off the plug. She jumps down.)

Nancy: (to cow) Hey there, big girl. Cheer up. Today, we're bustin' you out of here! (The cow notices her jacket) Oh, heh heh, don't worry, this is fake leather. Now where's that darn control panel? ...Bingo-bango.

(She types things into a pad labeled "GATE RELEASE"; it does what it does...)

Nancy: Woo-hoo! Be free, my bovine friends! (Suddenly, an alarm sounds) Oh, be free faster. Be free faster...! (The cows are free!) That's it, go on live your life. (runs to her cycle) Come on, come on. (but drops her wallet) Oh, whoops, oh. Can't lose this. (wallet has a picture of younger Cricket and Tilly)

(While she admires the pic, two police cars drive up behind her. Busted!)

Nancy: Oh, pickle snakes!

(Cut to the theme song.)

Part 1

Greens' House, living room

(Episode title appears on jail bars; they open to reveal the house.)

Remy: (from inside) Whoa! (cuts to him) And that's why you were in jail, Mrs. Green?

Nancy: That's right. Those big corporate farms just made my blood boil.

Cricket: Yeah! Me too!

Tilly: Also, me as well.

Nancy: Kids, when you see an injustice in this crazy world, you best do something about it.

Bill: Well, sure. But the law is equally as important.

Cricket: Yeah, my mom's the coolest! Just like me. We're one and the same. Two rebel peas in a rebel pod.

Tilly: I consider myself more of a cauliflower.

Nancy: Really? You look more like a couple of chicken tenders to me! (snuggles them) Come here!

Remy: Gee, the family dynamic I've grown to love sure is gonna change with you living here, Mrs. Green.

Bill: Well, actually Remy, Nancy and I are...

Gramma: (offscreen) DIVORCED! (pan to her) And I'll be a cold day in Hades before I let my son's criminal ex-wife live in my home!

Bill: Now Ma, she's paid her debt to society.

Cricket: Yeah, leave her alone!

Gramma: All I know is that a jailbird doesn't change her stripes!

Nancy: Alice! (chuckles) I know we've had our differences in the past, but—

Gramma: You can take our differences and shove 'em up your—!

Remy: (cutting in) Uh... hello! Heh... hello, lil Remy here! This kinda seems like family business, so... maybe I should go.

Bill: Good idea. You need a ride, Remy?

Remy: No thank you, Mr. Green. (tapping his watch) I'll have my bodyguard Vasquez pick me up.


Bill: So, how long do you think he'll—

Vasquez: Yah! (bashes through the window and grabs Remy) Thank you for the hospitality you've shown Master Remy. (exits via grappling hook) Hup!

Green's House, exterior

(Vasquez is carrying Remy away by the offscreen helicopter.)

Remy: Bye, Cricket! Bye, Tilly!

Cricket and Tilly: Bye, Remy!

Cricket: (re: Remy) He's got a lot of money.

Nancy: Anyway, like I was about to say, my friend fixed me up with a place, so I- I- I don't need to stay here.

Cricket: (gleaming, clutches onto Nancy) You've got a place in Big City?!

Tilly: (also gleaming, also clutching) Can we see it?

Nancy: (carrying the kids) Well, how about you kids spend the day with me and then crash at my place tonight?!

Cricket and Tilly: Alright!/Yeah!

Nancy: ...That is, if it's okay with your dad.

Bill: Uh... I dunno.

Nancy: (placing an arm on her ex-husband) Bill. You trust me, right?

Bill: ...Sure. I guess so.

Officer Keys: (making siren sounds, and wearing sirens on his helmet and rollerskates, chuckles) Hello there, Nancy Green! (showing them off) I was just patrolling the block on my new patroller skates and wanted to remind you to stay out of trouble. (red background) OR ELSE YOU'RE GETTING LOCKED UP FOR A LONG TIME AND I'VE THROWN AWAY THE KEY. (back to normal; now leaving) I've got my eye on youuuuuu...

Bill: (worried) Well, that sure was foreboding...

Nancy: Pfft. Whatever. You guys ready for some fun?

(Cricket and Tilly make agreeing sounds, Cricket runs off, trailed by Tilly and Nancy)

Cricket: Heck yeah!!! LET'S GO CRAZY!!!!!!!

Tilly: Yeah!

Nancy: Woo-hoo!

Gramma: Bill Green, what are you doing letting the kids run off with a convicted criminal?? Big mistake. (leaves for inside) BIG MISTAKE.

Bill: (worried) Please be careful, Nancy...

(The kids are now getting in Nancy's bike)

Cricket: What do you wanna do first, Mom? (He and Tilly put on helmets)

Nancy: Oh, I dunno. Everything! You ready to tear up this town?!

(The kids cheer. Nancy floors it and they go off, cheering!)

Big City, various

(A montage begins! The kids and Nancy pull up to an ice cream parlor, Burt's Ghurt!. They excitedly run inside the parlor, where Cricket proceeds to grab an ice-cream cup, spilling the others. Tilly tells him to look at Nancy, who's getting herself free ice-cream. The kids look at each other, determined. They run off cheering. Cut to a surprised cashier as bits of candy fly off to his right. Reveal that Cricket, with a head filled with ice-cream, and Nancy, are chasing each other, with Tilly tossing candy bits everywhere. Two girls look at the flying candy, and laugh.)

(Cricket ice-cream head transition to an exquisite clothes shop, $chmancy's. The kids and Nancy excitedly run towards it. Inside, an elderly woman is admiring a mannequin wearing fancy dresses. The time she looks up, however, the kids and Nancy has given the mannequins heads. Meanwhile, a smartly-dressed man is playing a grand piano, but Cricket and Tilly walks over it, to his shock. Pan to a smug Nancy, the man is angry at her. Nancy ruffles the man's hair. The man is now touched. They all try out new outfits, with Nancy's in particular being something like a magician's, making Cricket and Tilly laugh. The kids ride the chandeliers, Nancy spins Tilly around on a spinning clothes rack, and Cricket runs around with clothes...)

(...which we transition with to Nancy covering Cricket and Tilly's eyes. She uncovers them, reveal that they're in a toy store. While initially wide-eyed with shocked, Cricket and Tilly are overjoyed! They jump on a giant teddy bear [though the sign told them not to do], and Nancy stands next to a basket of Mega Bounce Balls, which she lets loose all over the toy shop, much to Cricket and Tilly's happiness. The bouncy balls overflow the shop and roll outside, with Cricket and Tilly riding the wave.)

(Quick shots: Nancy getting a tattoo, Nancy splashing Cricket and Tilly with fire hydrant, and the three riding over a construction site.)

Big City, somewhere

Nancy: (chuckles) Oh, man, you guys are a ton of fun. So, where we goin' next.

Cricket: OUTER SPACE! It'd be so cool to go to outer space. (realizes something) Can... can kids go to outer space just yet?

Nancy: Not yet, sorry.

Cricket: (bummed out) Dang it!

Tilly: Hoo hoo hoo. Let's go in there!

(Show marquee of...)

Cricket (OS): Wow...

Big City Zoo

(They're now inside the zoo, Tilly with a cotton candy.)

Cricket: The Big City Zoo.


Cricket: Pretty cool.

Nancy: (complimenting Cricket's lion hat, which she also has) You've got good taste in hats, Cricket, my little lion cub. (Roars, which Cricket laughs to. She bites into his Popsicle)

Cricket: Oh, hey now.

Nancy: Sorry, kiddo. (to Tilly, who's wolfing down the cotton candy) Sweetie, don't eat that cotton candy too fast or you'll get a sugar buzz.

Tilly: Oh, it's okay Mama. Sugar doesn't really affect me. (Or does it? She takes a huge bite...) Oh, I was wrong. (laughs maniacally, then runs off...) I'M THE ANIMAL QUEEN!!!

Nancy: Yes, you are, my Tilly girl.

(They begin walking around the zoo.)

Nancy: (to Cricket) So how's your dad holding up?

Cricket: Oh, he's good. Still won't let me use the chainsaw though.

Nancy: What?!

Cricket: I know! It's perposterous!

(Tilly stands near the orangutan cage.)

Tilly: Hey Mama! This orangutan looks like you!

Nancy: Oh. Because of my hair, right?

Tilly: ...No.

(Nancy is confused, then...)

Tilly: (chanting) Mama monkey! Mama monkey! Mama monkey!

(The orangutan copies her hand movements, but only grunts.)

Nancy: I'm glad your sister's having fun, but to be honest, (takes off lion hat) this place is weirding me out...

(She approaches the orangutan.)

Nancy: Think of all the life these fellas missed out on. (the orangutan is happy; content with its life. It snacks on something) Trapped behind bars... It ain't right.

Cricket: Hmm. Well, what if we did somethin' about it? A couple'a rebel peas in a rebel pod, teamin' up? Whaddya say, Mom?

(Nancy thinks...)

Nancy: Y'know, that would be pretty slick. But... no.

(Cricket is surprised to hear that.)

Nancy: You're a good kid, Cricket. You should stay that way.


Nancy: (laughs) Tilly! (runs after her) Put that ladder back!

Cricket: Hmm.

Greens' house

Gramma (OS): I tell you what, Bill...


Gramma: You made a terrible mistake today, sendin' Nancy off with the kids like that. She's not to be... (fades off)

Bill: Oh, Bill. What have you done? What in the heck were you thinking? (His thoughts start to overlap with each other.)

(These thoughts start to overwhelm him, to the point he snaps the plate he's working on in half.)

Gramma: What the...??! What's wrong with you?!

Bill: (puts the plate halves down) Nothin'! There's no reason to be worried about Nancy and the kids. (Gramma shoots a glare) No reason at all. I, uh, I'm just tired, Ma. In fact, I'm gonna head off to bed. Because I'm... so... (his thoughsts start to take over) ...tired...

Nancy's trailer

Tilly (OS): What'cha makin' for dinner Mama?

Trailer interior

Nancy: Mmm-mmm. Oh, your favorites! (the kids frown; not their favorites) Broccoli, asaparagus, Brussels sprouts... so healthy!

Kids: Ugh.

Nancy: HAH! Just kiddin'. (winks) I made chocolate chip pancakes!

(Shows the designs as a cat and a frog.)

Tilly: Woo-hoo!

Cricket: You tricked us!

Nancy: (serving them) And don't forget the extra syrup and whipped cream.

Tilly: Mine's a kitty cat.

Cricket: And mine's a frog!

Nancy: Mine is a bear, 'cause your mama bear's (hugs them) back in town!

(The kids laugh, Nancy joins in.)

Nancy: (sigh) Kids, I sure missed our pancake dinners.

Cricket: Mmm-hmm.

Tilly: Me too.

Nancy: (rustles Tilly's hair) I still can't get over how much you've all grown up.

Cricket: I don't think we've all changed that much while you were gone.

Nancy: Are you kiddin' me? Just look at you two! (Tilly is munchng on her pancake...) When did you grow into such good kids? Hmm. Must be from your papa. 'Cause you two ain't nothin' like me.

(Cricket is downtrodden over the fact he's nothing like his mother. This expression carries over to bedtime; still awake.)

Cricket: Psst. Tilly. You awake?

Tilly: (in her sleep) Who's to say?

Cricket: I can't stop thinking about what Mom said. She thinks we're "good kids".

Tilly: Isn't that a... good thing?

Cricket: No! It's frustrating! She thinks we're nothing like her!

(Across the room, Nancy snoozes.)

Cricket: She doesn't see that we're cool rebels, too. We gotta show her that the Green kids got edge. And I know the perfect way to do it. We're gonna...

Big City Zoo

(They have returned to the zoo.)

Cricket: Free that orangutan from the zoo!

Tilly: ...Whoa. I need a moment to mentally prepare myself.

Part 2

Big City Zoo

(A night at the zoo. We pan right to see another exhibit. This is from Cricket's POV. He is hiding in a bush; looking left and right, before twirling out of the bush, which is near the tigers. Nothing.)

Cricket: The coast is clear!

(He rolls away a'la ninja; Tilly follows.)

Tilly: Okay.

Cricket: Oh, man, once we bust that weird monkey outta this zoo, Mom's gonna think we're so cool.

(He walks off. Tilly is in front of the lion.)

Tilly: Sleep tight, Mr. Lion!

Cricket (OS): Tilly, we're supposed to be sneaky!

Tilly: (now whispering) Sleep tight, Mr. Lion.

(Somewhere else.)

Cricket: Hey, c'mere! Check this out!

(The kids peek into the window: a zookeeper on night guard, reading what seems to be a guide.)

Cricket: There's gotta be a way to open the cage in there. (slides down) Just gotta figure out a way to distract the guard.


(The guard is startled; he drops his book, and looks out to his right.)

Guard: It's the Peruvian Box Turtles again!

(He exits with a flashlight.)

Guard: They're always so antsy at night! There's only one way to calm 'em down... Beatboxing!

(He leaves, beatboxing. The door is about to be closed shut, but Cricket sticks his foot out before it can.)

Cricket: C'mon!

(Tilly runs into the...)

Zoocurity room

(A room with a cluster of large monitors set to the sleeping animals, with a control panel.)

Cricket: Whoa! Hey, look! There's the orangutan! Now, we just gotta figure out which button to press to release her. Neeeeh... How about this one?

(Button pressed. A ton of fish falls down a chute and into the polar bear exhibit; the resident awakens.)

Cricket: Or this one?

(Lever switched. The toilet overflows.)

Cricket: Dang it! Nothin's happenin'. Hey, look at that one! (big red button; covered)

Tilly: Uh... don't know, Cricket. That button's gotta have a shield for a reason.

Cricket: Of course there's a reason... (opens the case; worrying Tilly) But rebels DON'T LISTEN TO REASON!!

(Button pressed. The cage on the orangutan exhibit opens up...)

Cricket: Look! The cage's openin'! Now let's go grab that orangutan!

(They leave; the other cages open up. They're now in trouble.)

Big City Zoo

(The animals who take notice are an elephant, monkey, then a lion. Meanwhile, the guard is still beatboxing, then...)

Guard: What the...?

(Cricket and Tilly exit the Zoocurity room.)

Cricket: Oh, man, I can't wait to tell Mom!

(The guard sprints away, screaming, passing Cricket and Tilly.)

Cricket: Mister, we can explain!! Oh, uh, I mean, "Yeah, you better run!"

Tilly: We must give off pretty strong rebel vibes...

(The ground quakes.)

Cricket/Tilly: Huh?

(They look aside; all the animals have gone berserk and are bolting for them! Cricket screams, and Tilly pushes him out of the way before they're trampled.)

Big City, various

(The animals are out of the zoo, the giraffe breaking the signage. Now some monkeys are scaling the power lines; and a turtle blocks traffic...)

Guy in truck: Hey!! I'm drivin' here!!


Old woman: Get your time, Fluffy!

(The lion chomps the food.)

Old woman: ...You're not Fluffy.

Big City Zoo

(Cricket and Tilly are left behind.)

Cricket: Oh dang oh dang oh dang!! Tillly, what have we done??! Please tell me there's a silver lining...

Tilly: Well, this definitely proves that we're not good kids.

(Tilly crawls away, carrying Cricket with her. Cricket groans...)

Nancy's trailer

(Nancy continues to snooze, when...)

Cricket (OS): C'mon. Mom. MOM, WAKE UP!

Nancy: ...Mm? Kids? W...w...what's happenin'?

Cricket: Heeeey, Mom! We've got some news. Some good, some less than great. We did somethin' really cool and FREED THAT ORANGUTAN FROM THE ZOO!

Nancy: You freed... an animal... from the zoo?? Whoa, no, that's bad. That's very bad. What's the good news?

(The kids are petrified.)

Cricket: Uh... that was the good news. T-Tilly? You wanna take it from here?

Tilly: We did a real bad, and accidently let all the other animals out of the zoo too. Lions, giraffes, birds, monkeys, polar bears...

(Nancy is holding her head in worry.)

Nancy: Why would you two do this?!

Cricket: We thought it would be cool and rebellious! We thought you'd like it!

Nancy: No, I wanted you to stay out of trouble. You're good kids.

Cricket: Stop sayin' that!!


Keys (OS): Nancy Green, this is the police.


(Keys is in serious mode.)

Keys: Animals have been reported missing from the zoo, and I just like to ask you... A FEW QUESTIONS.


Cricket, Nancy: THE COPS!!

Tilly: Take me away, officer. (her hands up) I won't resist.

Nancy: (grabs...) Tilly, no! Uh... (Calling out to Keys) I'm in the shower! Be right there!


Keys: (embarassed, blushing) Oh, well, uh... I'll just... give you a minute or two to finish up. But be quick.


Tilly: What are we gonna do, Mama?

Nancy: Kids, it's important to know when to give up. But it's more important to know when to use your secret exit!

(Pulls out the drawer exposing the secret exit; not unlike the one in Cricket and Tilly's bedroom.)

Cricket: A secret exit?! I have one of these. See? (opens it) We're the same!

Nancy: No, we're not.


(Keys is still banging on the door.)

Keys: 'Ello? Are you still in the shower?

(Pan left to reveal Cricket, Tilly and Nancy has exited the trailer and is now in the adjacent garage. Nancy is hauling her bike out.)

Keys (OS): I don't actually hear any water running... (on him) So either you're lying to me... Or, YOUR SOUND INSULATION IS EXCELLENT!

Big City

(They're now on Nancy's bike, speeding away from the law.)

Cricket: Well, you said you wanted to spend the night with your kids.

Nancy: This is not what I had in mind... I didn't think it would involve us running from the police.

Cricket: Look, we can fix this!

Tilly: We'll just go around and put all the animals back in the zoo! No harm, no foul.

Nancy: Huh. It's worth a try. B-but... how are we gonna find all of the animals? They could be anywhere in Big City!

Cricket: If only we had a nerdy guy at a computer telling us everything we need to know...

(He gasps!)

Remington Manor, Remy's room

(Remy is sleeping; his phone buzzes.)

Remy: Huh? Oh, huh! Those phone survey fellas sure do like calling you late at night! (answers the phone) Hello! Remy Remington speaking, I live to please.

(Split-screen to reveal Cricket.)

Cricket: Remy, we need your help.

Remy: (gasps in joy) Cricket?! Oooh I've been dreaming of the day you'd call me in the middle of the night for help! (Cricket smiles) And it's finally here...!!

Cricket: So can I count you in?

Remy: Can my codename be "Eagle One"?

Cricket: Yes, but I will not use it.

Remy: Slightly disappointed... but I'm still in!

Greens' house

(We hear Bill's groaning, then we pan down to the house, lights off.)

Bill's room

(Bill turns in his sleep; unable to get a good sleep due to the thought of leaving the kids with Nancy...)

Thought Cricket: Mom said I can get a tattoo!

Bill: (in his sleep) No...

Thought Nancy: Fine with me.

Bill: (in his sleep) Uh...

Thought Tilly: (with a horse tattooed on her face) You'll never guess where mine is!

Bill: (in his sleep) Egh...

Thought Cricket, Tilly and Nancy: Goodbye forever...

(Bill rises.)

Bill: Cricket!... Tilly!!!


Bill: Gotta save the kids... (he starts sleepwalking) Where are my kids??


(Bill exits his room.)

Bill: Cricket... Tilly...

Living room

Bill: Tilly!

(Nope, just Dirtbag.)

Bill: There you are.

(He hugs Dirtbag; the cat doesn't take well to it when he squeezes him.)

Bill: I had a nightmare that I sent you off with Nancy. (gasp) Cricket. You're here too!

("Cricket" is the lamp, which he hugs.)

Bill: ...Wait. This isn't Cricket.

(Drop goes the lamp, which breaks.)


Bill (OS): Cricket! There's my boy!

("Cricket" is now the KNIVES. One drops for good measure.)

Bill: I'm so glad we're all together! Let's turn on some music to celebrate!

(The music is fire - no, literal fire, due to him turning on the stove instead of what would be a radio.)

Bill: Do do do doo... do do do doo...

Gramma (OS): BILL!!!

(Lights on; Bill is snapped out of it.)

Gramma: Wake up!

(Meow goes Dirtbag.)

Gramma: See? You're worried about the kids! I told ya!

Bill: What? No. Nooooo. I'm fine! (turns off the stove) I'm not worried about them at all.

Gramma: Yes, you are! YOU'RE IN DENIAL!!

Bill: (clearly in denial) Nope, no I'm not.


(Bill puts on his jacket.)

Bill: Nancy asked me to trust her, and I do. I DO trust her.

Gramma: Then why are you puttin' on your jacket?

Bill: Can't a man just wear a jacket in his own home?! (grabs the keys)

Gramma: Then why did ya just grab the keys?

(Not there; he's in the Kludge.)


(Inside the Kludge...)

Bill: I'm just gonna do a quick drive-by at the trailer to make sure they're okay.

Gramma: Sure, sure, sure.

(And off they go.)

Nancy's trailer

(Keys is still outside the trailer, unaware Nancy and the kids left already.)

Keys: Okay, Nancy Green. Open up.

(His walkie buzzes to life...)

Walkie: Emergency! Emergency! All officers nee--

(Shut off.)

Keys: I can't keep ignoring this thing forever.

(No response.)


(After a few attempts, he breaks down the door; initially sobbing in pain but reverting back soon.)

Keys: HAH! (gasp) They're gone!!

(He looks down the secret entrance passageway.)

Keys: An escape tunnel??!

(The cop car's siren whirs to life; Keys is now in his patrol car.)

Keys: I'm gonna need backup! Suspect at large! Nancy Green, you're in the red.

(Keys drives off, and soon afterwards the Kludge arrives.)

Bill: Oh no, they're gone!!

Gramma: Heh. I was right. I told you lettin' them go with Nancy was a bad idea. Wait. This ain't nothin' to celebrate... (now it hits her) They're off with an ex-criminal! They could be in real danger, Bill!! (she shakes him) THE KIDS COULD BE IN DANGER!!!!!!!!!

Bill: I know, Ma! LET'S GO FIND 'EM!

(He drags off a screaming Gramma.)

Big City, various

(The bike speeds along.)

Cricket: Okay, Remy, whaddya have for us?

(Split-screen to see Remy on his computer wearing a headset.)

Remy: I'm searching wild animals in Big City... Oh, man, they're everywhere!

(Shows an image of monkeys in a sports coupe.)

Remy: They're driving cars...

(Shows an image of Alexander's dinner being spoiled by the giraffe.)

Remy: ...messin' up people's dinners...


(A terrified clown juggles.)

Remy (VO):...and it looks like the clown downtown is being tormented by a lion!

(Which is what's happening.)

Clown: Man, this isn't part of the act! (the lion pounces) Please tip extra well!


(A plane is ready for departure.)

Remy (VO): There are reports of some kinda disturbance at the airport.

Plane cabin

(A flight attendant stares down at a passenger.)

Passenger: It was just there. You gotta believe me!!

(She leaves. He turns left to see the thing mooning him.)


(The things mooning him are the monkeys from earlier; one is also messing around in the wings. Pan down to reveal the monkey who is now lavishly dressed due to looking in the baggage carrier and associated luggage.)


Remy (VO): There's even a sea turtle in the nightclub!

(The sea turtle is killing it at the nightclub.)

Remy (VO): I-it's not really a problem, but it needs to be picked up.

Remington Manor, Remy's room

Remy: Oh, boy, Cricket, they're everywhere!!

Subway train

(A pale green man with a voice similar to Bill's walks up.)

Businessman: Hey there, buddy. Is this seat taken?

(By the orangutan, yes it is.)

Businessman: Ooh, sorry... Egh!

(He runs; the orangutan tears up the paper he's reading, causing others to also run in fright.)

Sea Fusïon

(A fish taco is served; much like the ones shown in Fill Bill.)

Waiter (OS): Your fish taco, sir.

(The hapless customer is about to swallow hard; but pan back to reveal all the parrots waiting for their food. The parrots fly off and cause chaos; a waiter is chased away by some.)


Woman: Do do do do do, do, do -- (elephant foot crushes the car) Aagh!!!!!

(The elephant is running wild and is crushing multiple cars.)

Nancy's bike location

Remy (call): You guys definitely have your work cut out for you.

Nancy: Well then, we better hurry... I can't believe we're sayin' this, but...

(She switches the radio station, and by extension, the background music, to some rock music.)

Nancy: Let's put some animals back in some cages!

(The kids cheer!)


(The clown downtown is still being chased.)

Clown: Oh, no! Go away, lion!!!

(The lion stops, the clown doesn't: here comes Nancy and the kids. The lion adopts an aggressive stance, and roars at them, startling them.)

Big City, various

(The animals continue to cause chaos. Here comes Nancy and the kids. They run towards the giraffe, who is eating out of Alexander's dinner:)

Alexander: She just loves the Niçoise salad!

(Pan right to reveal Terry unimpressed.)

Alexander: At least someone likes my cooking, Terry!!!

(The Greens are confused.)

Sea Fusïon

(The Greens are... inside Sea Fusïon? However, they're doing it a favor by saving it from further chaos. They are all there trying to take all the parrots, who are still going berserk; even Cricket is flying.)

Big City

(From one bridge crosses Nancy and the kids, another the cops, and another the Kludge.)

Alexander and Terry's apartment

(The Greens are trying to save the day...)

Nancy: Throw us the salad!

Alexander: JUST LET ME HAVE THIS!!!!!!


(A robot spewing out laser pointers is now at the park.)

Cricket (OS): Gimme that!

(He, Tilly and Nancy nab the left glove.)

Cricket, Tilly and Nancy: Sorry!

Performer: Hey, that's my arm!!

(They approach the hill, where they see the lion about to devour the poor clown...)

Clown: Goodbye, cruel world...

(...but he is saved when they use it to shine the laser into the grass, which the lion notices. It then leaps towards the laser's direction.)

Clown: Phew!!

(The Greens lead the lion towards their direction.)

Somewhere else

(The Kludge stops at a traffic light. Behind them is Tilly riding a horse...)

Tilly: There they are, Mama! HELP!!

Nancy: Tilly! Slow down!
Cricket: Tilly!...

"24 Hour Bananas" stall

(A stall that looks like bananas, and has them for sale, would surely be a magnet for the monkeys. To prevent this, Nancy and the kids rev up to it and take all the bananas.)

Cricket: Thank you!

(And there they go.)

Stall owner: Hey!!


(And here they are; this time at the airport. The monkeys are messing up the wiring in the wing. Nancy whistles, bringing the monkeys' attention; they then hold up their bananas.)

Nancy: Banana...

(The monkeys are entranced by the bananas and leap towards them. The passenger from earlier is carried off in a stretcher...)

Passenger: (driven to insanity) There were MONKEYS ON THE WING I tell ya!!! I'm not insane. I'M NOT INSANE!!!!!!!!

(The pilot and co-pilot shake their heads no.)

Banana stall

(Keys sniffs a banana like a trained dog; then he points to screen right. The officers in the background run towards the right.)


(The party is wild! Nancy and the kids join in.)

Cricket: Yeah, alright... Wow!

(Now they are crowdsurfed, while holding up the sea turtle.)

Tilly: Thank you!

Nancy: Excuse me.

Somewhere else

(Cricket puts down an elephant's favorite food, peanuts; the elephant then eats the trail.)

Sea Fusïon

(Tilly puts down seed trails for the parrots.)

Somewhere else

(And Nancy has a monkey on her shoulder.)

Nancy: Hold on, buddy.

(They race towards the zoo, with all the animals!)

Nancy: Did we get 'em all?

Tilly: ...18, 19, 20, (conuting the last parrot) and Glenda here makes 21. Is it okay if I call you Glenda? (no)

Cricket: We did it, Remy! We got 'em all!

Remington Manor, Remy's room

Remy: Yay.

(He's asleep.)

On the way to Big City Zoo

Nancy: Woo-hoo!! It's like I never left! Three rebel peas in a rebel pod!

(She winks towards the kids, who take it well. They chuckle.)

Nancy: Just a few more blocks and we're home free!

(She suddenly stops, as do all the animals. She gasps; they are roadblocked by the police!)



Part 3

On the way to Big City Zoo


(Nancy shades her eyes from the lamps.)

Cricket (OS): Mom!

(Pan right to reveal the...)

Nancy: Kids! Stay back.

Cricket: You gotta get out of there!!

Keys: (serious) IT'S THE END OF THE ROAD, MS. GREEN. (cheerful) Because we blocked it! Ha ha!

(Reveal the other patrols; cut to Nancy's worried face.)

Keys (OS): I figured it was only a matter of time before you got yourself in trouble.

(Back to Keys.)

Keys: So, if you'll just come with me... (tries to reach for something but can't) oop! Oh... I forgot to grab my handcuffs. One second...

(He looks in his patrol car.)

Cricket: What's goin' on?

Nancy: Here, take this.

(The monkey is thrown straight at Cricket's face.)

Cricket: GAH! MONKEY!!

Nancy: I'll distract 'em. Just get the animals back to the zoo. I'll meet you there and we'll clear this whole thing up.

Cricket: (as the monkey pokes at his face) No, Mom, we can't let you get in trouble!

Nancy: Cricket Green, you listen to your mother.

Cricket: Wait!--

(Too late. Nancy is revving towards the patrol. Keys has finally found his cuffs.)

Keys: Found 'em! They were in between the console and the -- DAH!!!!

(Nancy uses Keys' cop car as a ramp, clearing it!)

Keys: AFTER HER!!!!!

(And there they go again. Cricket and Tilly are on the move again.)

Cricket: It worked!

Tilly: Hurry!!!

Somewhere else

(The Kludge stops again.)

Bill: Okay, they couldn't have gotten far. We'll... round the block for a third time and then... I head down 1st Avenue.

Gramma: They're off livin' a life of crime now... We'll never see them again...

Bill: ...we'll hit 2nd Avenue, then 3rd, then we're going downtown.

Gramma: I'll remember holdin' little Tilly. She was an angel... (tearing up; hands clasped together, as if she's praying) Bless herself...

Bill (OS): Ma, stop it!!!

Bill: We'll find 'em! Maybe... maybe they're a logical explaination for all of this!

Gramma: (snapped out of it) You're right. Maybe they ain't in trouble, and they're just goin' out for some... some... Midnight ice cream!

Bill: Exactly! Ice cream! I'm sure they're fine!

(And there's Nancy, trailed by the cops. Clearly not fine.)

Bill: (gobsmacked) Was that Nancy??

Gramma: (also gobsmacked) Yup.

Bill: Being chased by the police??

Gramma: Yup.

(Bill floors the gas, and the Kludge zooms off!)

Bill: LET'S GO!!!

Big City Zoo

Guard: Ooh, boy. First week on the job and I lose all the animals. Way to go, Jimmy, you really messed it up this time! I know what I'll do! I'm just gonna close my eyes, and I'll make a wish, when I open them, the animals will be back!!!

(He closes his eyes and "makes a wish"; the second he opens them...)

Guard (Jimmy): (gasp) It worked!

(But they're bolting towards the zoo.)

Cricket: GET OUTTA THE WAY!!!!!

(Jimmy's happiness is replaced with straight fear as the animals rush towards the zoo.)

Jimmy: Oh, no no no no no!...


Jimmy: Jimmy's keeping his job!


(Nancy is still on the run from the cops.)


(Desperation turns to determination as she revs the throttle full throttle, towards the zoo.)

Big City Zoo

(The kids put all the animals back in their cages. Cricket takes care of the lion.)

Cricket: Phew!


Gramma: I TOLD ya! When the preacher said "any objections," I was all like "YES!!! ME!!! I OBJECT!!!!" While you never listen to me, boy!!!

Bill: I know, Ma, I know!!

On the way to the zoo

(Nancy is still in hot pursuit.)


Keys: That's for the judge to decide. (cheerful again) Which, if I finish my night classes, will be me!

Big City Zoo

(Cricket and Tilly are struggling to get the turtle back in its cage.)

Cricket: Last one, last one!

Tilly: C'mon...!

(And here comes Nancy, just in time.)

Cricket and Tilly: Mom!

Nancy: Hurry up, hurry up!

(They finally get the turtle in its cage! They gasp: the police has arrived.)

Keys: Stop right there!!! Caught at the scene of the crime.

Cricket: But we put the animals back. See? No harm, no foul! Right?

(The girls adopt shrugging poses.)

Keys: How very nice of you! (serious) Unfortunately, that's not how laws work. (cuffs up) Let's go. (and little ones too) All of you.

Nancy: No, officer. You want me. Just me. (the kids are in shock) I did it; I let out the animals. I'll go with you, just... leave my kids outta this.

Keys: Well, sounds like a confession to me. Let's go!

(The kids gasp: they just got their mom back and now they're losing her again.)

Cricket: But... we just got her back... (he suddenly breaks down) She didn't release the animals, WE DID!

Nancy: Cricket, be quiet!

Cricket: It was an accident! We snuck out while she was sleeping!

Tilly: She didn't even know about it!

Cricket: We were just trying to impress her! We wanted to prove we could be like her. but it... got outta hand. (voice breaking; Tilly is in tears.) So officer, if lovin' your mom too much is a crime, then lock me up!

Tilly: Me too!

(They are now kneeling on the ground, arms out, ready to be cuffed. Keys is shocked, Nancy walks towards them.)

Nancy: Oh, kids, you never have to worry about impressing me. I think you're amazing. I don't... I- I don't want you to be like me, I want you to be better than me. And I need to be better, too.

(They pull it in, hugging. Camera zooms back to reveal a touched Keys, who's sobbing)

Keys: (sobbing) Darn it... The only crime you're guilty of is reminding us of the true meaning of family.

Green officer: But sir, that's for the courts to decide!

Keys: Up-up-up-up-up --

Light orange officer: But the animals --

Keys: Up-up-up-up-up -- Resolved.

(The Kludge drives up to the zoo, and see what's going on.)

Bill: Oh no, we're too late!! The police officer's there!... Giving Nancy a thumbs up? (Keys and officers go back to their cars) I... don't understand.

Gramma: Helping the police? That doesn't sound like Nancy.

Bill: I was right? I was right to trust Nancy all along!

Gramma: Yeah... guess so.

Bill: In your FACE, Ma!! (laughs triumphantly, Gramma is gobsmacked)

Gramma: Well, good!! I'm just glad the kids are alive.

Bill: There was never anything to worry about.

(The Kludge reverses.)

Gramma: Whatever.

(The Kludge exits, leaving the kids and Nancy alone in their tender hug.)

Cricket: So, we gonna tell Dad about this?

Nancy: Never.

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