"Urban Legend"

Urban Legend is the 3rd episode of Season 2 and the 63rd episode of Big City Greens overall.


When Bill learns that Gramma has been purposely creating a frightening reputation around town, he throws a barbeque to befriend the neighbors.


Various residents of Big City cannot walk by the Green Family house without being scared off by the "Swamp Witch". The witch in question is really just Gramma Alice telling people, such as a group of kids, to get off her property. One morning, Bill confronts her about her about scaring the kids away. Alice admits that she has been purposely building a frightening reputation in Big City as being a witch so as to scare people away as she does not want to have "friendly" people stopping by. Bill decides to throw a barbecue so as to show that their family is friendly. Tilly and Nancy agree to Bill's plan while Cricket decides to side with Alice because he believes it is more fun to scare people.

Bill, Nancy and Tilly set up their barbecue picnic outside and beckon passerbys to stop and join them. After some reluctance, everyone begins to join in. A couple of residents step inside the house to grab some utensils and comment on how nice their house is. When they tell Alice that they will "pop in" sometime, Alice decides to set her plan into motion. Dressing in a robe, Alice attempts to scare away the residents by "cursing" them. Despite the lackluster attempt (tossing a wad of trash that reads "your curs'd") the residents fall for it. She then "transforms" Cricket into a chicken and "flies" through the air (using a kite look alike). All are clearly phony, yet the residents flee in terror despite Bill's attempts to calm them.

Alice's plan works too well as the residents grab pitchforks and torches and proceed to attack the Greens. While Alice is happy with the outcome, as she believes they will get tired and things will "return to normal", she notices that the rest of the family including Cricket is sad that no one likes them now. Realizing that she needs to stop thinking about herself, Alice grabs Cricket and kisses him on the cheek to show the residents that she is just a normal grandmother. Everyone finally settles and rejoin the barbecue to enjoy the company of the Greens.




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