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We're all together again on another beautiful' mornin'! Right, Mr. Hops?

—Tilly Green, Dream Weaver

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Welcome to FearfulWarpII's Fun Time Userpage Hour!
Hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to leave a message!

First off, let me say...
Big City Greens is the best Disney show of recent times, of all time.
While MIlo Murphy's Law is great and Amphibia is okay, nothing compares to Big City Greens.

Click the tabs to explore!
Note: All dates listed in this page are in M/D/YYYY.
Cricket has the high ground
A peaceful transition of power.png

The scene that started it all.

Started liking the show December 26, 2019 after seeing a short bit of "Phoenix Rises" (the "Son, are you gonna be ok?" bit)... in Dubai. Wild guess to what the show was, and surprise surprise, it's this one, which has gone on to be one of my favourites. Then I discovered this wiki (also in Dubai); since then, so many changes were made to it since I first discovered it. Then come December 31, 2019, I jumped in to help!

Frequent editor and new Big City Greens fan, reporting for duty.

I'd do anything to improve this great wiki. These are some of them.

  • Sprucin' up the transcripts! (Now finished as of 7/25)
  • Completing all unfinished transcripts, particularly those of the newer Season 2's.
  • Finishing Gallery of The Gifted
  • Transcripts, plot synopses and galleries to do with the new episodes. Expect them to arrive three to four at least one to two days late
  • Waiting for the series to come out of hiatus so I can pounce on the transcripts
  • Trying to adapt to... current Fandom changes.

  • I have a Lucky Edit badge, for the 17,000th edit... which is a template.
  • I made the current Wiki Background and the current Main Page layout!
    • I also made the Halloween and Christmas Backgrounds.
  • If I have the capacity to do so, I can make transcripts in one sitting.
  • I explore the wiki on mobile and desktop.
    • Desktop being expotentially HARDER to browse because I can't scroll left and right due to UCP -.-. Not expanding my browser window, Fandom
  • My favorite episode is "Gabriella's Fella" and "Cheap Show". (I do like them all!)
    • Not just because they were released on my birthday (August 15), they were great episodes!
    • "Gabriella's Fella" because I anticipated the pairing of Cricket x Gabriella... AND IT DID! My satisfaction was peaked and the episode made my day.
    • "Cheap Show" because it's one of THE funniest episodes in recent times. No other BCG episode has been able to make me laugh as hard as this one. You gotta watch it to believe it.
  • When my laptop gets hot, think "Heat Beaters".
  • I play Battlefront II (the new one) on PS4 and PC alongside other games.
  • I hope to be an admin/bureaucrat on this wiki. (Fufilled!)
    • I became a Content Moderator on August 20, 2020.
    • I then became an Administrator on September 30, 2020.
  • My place doesn't have Disney+ yet. Sigh.
  • Currently on a Phineas and Ferb kick because... reasons... (Something to do with a certain someone going against the universe, the movie I loved... No spoilers!)
    • Another fun fact: Phineas and Ferb made up my childhood.
  • I dislike the UCP interface... particularly on smaller browser windows!
    • It also breaks the ability to preview Infoboxes in previews, something VERY important to source editor mains like me!
  • In my opinion, Cricket will always have the high ground.
  • In addition to Big City Greens (greatest Disney show), I also like Phineas and Ferb, The Loud House/The Casagrandes and The Amazing World of Gumball.
    • Also Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and Regular Show too.
  • My favorite fictional character is Penny Fitzgerald, from Gumball. Cricket and Tilly Green come second and Ronnie Anne Santiago and Sid Chang come third.
  • Deleted additions (in bold):
    • Uber, Lyft and Dart. (Cyberbullies/References; search "dart rideshare" - I wasn't sure if people won't get it *wink*)
  • This.
Begone, stinky boys!.png "Y'know, I'm startin' to think you can't actually understand me."
This user can speak the following languages: English, Bahasa Melayu.

Tilly Green's best moments in Big City Greens, with my own captions! (Thanks CandyBoy57 cool for adding this! You already know Tilly's my favorite character of the show, so this shall make a fine addition to my collection my user page.)

There will be Big City Greens-related stuff in games - screenshots and files - if I decide to release them. Nothing is here so far, but watch this space. Particularly if you're a M.U.G.E.N. buff.


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