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Helloooo! My name is Happy2432 and I'm a bureaucrat for the Big City Greens Wiki.

I LOVE Big City Greens so much, and I mean LOVE. Since I started, this has become my go-to favorite of all time!

Feel free to drop by and leave a message! As Cricket would say, Bingo-bango!

  • I am female.
  • I've always loved Big City Greens since I've first heard of it!
  • I always stay up-to-date on the newest episodes.
  • Editing is my passion. I like, can't go a second without a single one!
  • I don't live in the city or the country, but it's really nice to visit them.


We're here to save the farm!.png
Cricket sees the Kiss of Death poster.png
Cricket still annoyed at the Cyber Knights.png
Time to run!.png
Bike jumps over construction workers.png
Gabriella introducing herself to Cricket.png
Stingers leader approaches Nancy.png
Tilly brooding ominously.png
Weezie and Kiki's mirabulous outfits.png
Cricket refuses the magical gift.png
Tilly and Andromeda dressed up.png
Cricket and Zillon look at each other surprised.png
I'm a maybe baby.png
Cricket Eats Scoop Desserted.jpeg

Cricket chanting 'UNFAIR FATHER!'.png
Bill and Nancy in jail.png
Willow's leaving so you can have her seat.png
Cricket reveals his feelings for Gabriella.png
We're puttin' on a show!.png
A head start on dismantling.png

Cricket making faces.jpg
Tilly 1.jpg
Bill, yea boi.jpg
We could see one of the twelve new superhero movies.png
Mystery biker revealed to be Nancy Green.png
Gloria "What now?".png
I'm just going there for vacation.png

Tilly happy to be a great sister.png
Cricket and Gabriella on a picnic.png
Cricket and Gloria high five.png
Tilly and Andromeda high five.png

A repeat offender - cropped.png
Greg and Rose hold Bill in place.png
Cricket and Gloria add their additions.png
Weezie confused with Tilly.png

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