Vuka Vukojrvich is a famous Russian art curator in Big City


Vuka wears a pair of black heels, a pair of white pants, a black jacket with a blue shirt. She has sleek, short dark hair and red lipstick on her lips and blue eyeshadow on her eyes.


Vuka first appears at Big Coffee and admires Cricket's art (which is really him scribbling all over Gloria's art). She says the art is thought-provoking, and asks him if he makes the artwork himself, to which he lies and says yes. She gives him a card to her gallery, and also a card for him to get a haircut. She says she will feature his artwork that night at her gallery

At the gallery, Cricket is unsuccessful at selling art, because he removed Gloria's parts of the art. Vuka asks where his paintings are, but Vuka does not like the changed art or Cricket's hair. She tells him he is a disappointment.

At the end, after Gloria and Cricket fix their art, Vuka yells at them and says they ruined her gallery, and she will be taking all their art profits. She then kicks them out. 




  • Her last name is very similar to show prop designer Anthony Vukojevich's.

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