"Welcome Home"

"Welcome Home" is the 15th episode of Big City Greens.[1] However, it is the 1st episode in chronological order.


Cricket Green and his family move from the country to Big City to live with Gramma.[2]


The episode begins with Cricket and his family driving down an interstate highway to Big City, and Cricket sings about "movin' to Gramma's house" until a bug flies in his mouth, then six more fly on his face. As he rubs all the flies off, Cricket says how excited he is about the city, and Tilly says how great it will be to see their Gramma Alice again. Their dad, Bill, says how tough things have been since losing the farm, but how great it will be living in the city. He starts panicking about where they'll end up if things don't work out, so Tilly gives him a bag to ease the hyperventilation. Cricket assures his Dad that he knows a lot about the city, calling himself a "city expert". Tilly is confused since Cricket's never been to the city, so Cricket explains that he flipped through a book once.

Bill worries if he missed their exit, so he asks Cricket and Tilly to help him out. Cricket shows him their exit, and he tries to help Bill, but Bill tells Cricket not to grab the wheel while he's driving. Once they enter Big City, Bill comments on how different things are since he was a boy; it used to be a rural farm land. Cricket decides "this is the place for me." He and Tilly are amazed on the beauties of the city, so Cricket asks their Dad to pull over so they can explore all the amazing stuff happening, but Bill doesn't want to, because driving around is freaking him out. Cricket assures him that they'll only be out for just a little bit, and that he can show them around. Bill asks Cricket to let him concentrate, and at that moment they yield to a traffic cop once she blows her whistle. Bill tells Tilly he'll feel a lot better once they get to Gramma's house. When he turns around, he notices Cricket on the sidewalk, and asks why he can't be good like his sister, but then he notices Tilly has gone out on the sidewalk as well. Cricket pressures his dad to come and check the city out, to which Bill reluctantly agrees.

Cricket shows Tilly and Bill that Big City is nothing like back home. Cricket and Tilly are amazed by the city, while Bill is nervous. As Cricket rests his hand on a car he activates its alarm, to which he responds, "Whoop-whoop to you too!" Cricket gets some free soda pops from a "very radical dude", and when he opens a can he gets sprayed in the face. Cricket shows Tilly an old pigeon on the sidewalk and wonders what he's thinking. Tilly suggests he's hungry, so she feeds the bird some crumbs, which summons a whole flock of pigeons, so Cricket and Tilly flee.

Bill's not so sure about the city, but Cricket assures him that with an expert like him by their side, they'll be able to handle the city "no problem". Suddenly, as the three turn around, they notice their truck being towed away, and they chase after it, but the tow truck is too fast. Bill panics, as his map was in that car, and he doesn't know how to get to Gramma's house without it. Tilly calms him down, and Cricket assures him that this is just a minor setback, as Big City is full of options and possibilities. Cricket suggest that since they can't drive, they'll just have to walk. But walking in the city proves to be easier said than done, as they get stuck in a crowd and surrounded by cars. As they get out of the street, they notice a runaway bride get in a taxi to get away from her fiance, so Tilly suggests Bill wave his hand for a taxi. But Bill feels embarrassed waving his hand, as he lost half his finger to a hay baler. Cricket tells them to just leave it to him, so he tries calling a taxi, but when he lands on the windshield of a cab the cab driver is startled and wipes him off. Tilly finds a very weird man who offers the three a ride in his creepy van, but Cricket and Bill find the van too creepy and decline. Cricket suggest going through the sewers, but there are alligators in the sewers.

After a series of failed attempts, Cricket decides to take "the best form of public transportation available": the Big City Bus! Cricket is enjoying riding on the bus, but Bill feels uncomfortable, because the bus is full of creepy people, so he suggests they get off the bus. But Cricket assures him it's fine. He points to a seemingly ordinary guy in a hoodie who looks friendly and "just mindin' his own business". But Cricket finds out the hoodie is full of rats, so they all get off the bus.

The three hide under a bridge from the rowdy city people, and Bill complains about how they lost the farm, then lost the truck, and now they're lost. He begins to think they don't belong in the city, and that they'll just have to live somewhere else. Cricket starts to agree, as it turns out he knows nothing about the city. Tilly suggests they should get comfy on the streets. Bill notices another car about to be towed away, and Cricket notices that it's the same towing company that took their truck. He then realizes he made a big mistake: He's been trying to show Tilly and Bill how great the city is, but he should've been reminding them how great they are. They're the tough and resilient Green family, and Cricket suggests they hitch a ride in the car so they can get their truck back.

Once they get to Big City Towing, they finally find their truck! Cricket and his family attempt to get it back, but they awaken three vicious rottweilers who do not take kindly to any intruders. Bill regrets coming here, saying that they know nothing about the city. But Cricket assures him he's wrong; there may not be a lot of things they know about the city, but there's a few things they do! Cricket does some of the things he did earlier: He activates a car alarm which startles the rottweilers, he sprays some soda cans at them, and Tilly releases some bread crumbs which summons a flock of pigeons to come and eat the crumbs off the guard dogs, which gives them a chance to run to the truck. But once they get to the truck, the rottweilers are still attacking them, so Bill decides to make things right by giving a rottweiler some money, then "feeding" his bad finger to the rottweiler. After they escape from the towing company, they notice how beautiful the city is at night. Cricket says they did pretty good back there, to which Bill agrees.

The next morning, they've finally made it to Gramma's house. Bill is relieved that at least the home and yard haven't changed. Cricket is amazed at how similar to home it is and decides it's perfect. When they get in the house, they see Gramma playing dead, which scares them, until Gramma drops the act and says she was just teaching them a lesson about being late. She then tells them all to give her a hug, which they happily do. As the episode ends, Gramma says, "Welcome home."



"This Day Is A-OK"


Titles in other languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese うちへようこそ
Uchi e Yōkoso
Welcome Home


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